India’s natural areas are gaining increasing appreciation for their beauty and also their inherent value of being ‘natural capital’. Most protection efforts are however focused only on designated wildlife sanctuaries and tiger reserves, while lesser-known natural areas face a high degree of pressure for development. We bring these ‘Unexplored Areas’ into focus, so that their intrinsic value and need for protection are highlighted.

Turahalli: an urban forest

August 15, 2016

As a plant-lover, I’ve become accustomed to visiting forests and places which are far-removed from cities, towns and human habitation altogether. City flora, while stunning, fails to enthrall me because […]

Ankasamudra Lake: an upcoming bird sanctuary

July 01, 2016

Here is a classic example of how an obscure lake became a hotspot for nesting birds. Located on the banks of the backwaters of the Tungabhadra Dam, Ankasamudra village’s tank […]

Nagazari Trek: glimpses of a lifeline

May 15, 2016

How can a colourless, odourless liquid bring so much joy?  As we ‘waded’ through the trek route (it took some getting used to as we were amongst the first hikers […]

Save Ramanagara for a rainy day

April 01, 2016

It was nearly half past eight and the sun should have been out, but mist and rain had cast a lethargic pallor over Ramanagara. A Spotted Owlet squawked vile abuse […]

Enchanting Bhimgad

February 15, 2016

The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting. “Everything is falling into place!” I thought, as I nearly finished packing for a sudden, unplanned trip towards exploring this […]

The Ground Beneath My Feet

January 01, 2016

“Oops, sorry!” was a phrase I found myself constantly repeating throughout that day, as I dodged people. All around me was the clackety-clack of trekking boots and poles, as trekkers […]

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