A visit to nature is a healing experience for many. Pondering over nature’s creations under the guidance of a nature-interpreter can increase the experience manifold because it helps in better appreciation. ‘Naturalist’s Corner’, by JLR’s naturalists, has been tailored to bridge this knowledge-gap most enthusiasts face, ensuring that your journey into nature is an ever-increasing learning curve.

The Art of Defence

October 15, 2013

The fact that glow worms routinely eat snails is well established. I have on umpteen occasions seen a glow worm making a meal of a snail. Till now, however, I […]

All creatures great and small

August 23, 2013

With a bouquet of destinations, Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd. is well placed to cater to an equally wide array of interests and expectations.  Each destination located in unique settings […]

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