A visit to nature is a healing experience for many. Pondering over nature’s creations under the guidance of a nature-interpreter can increase the experience manifold because it helps in better appreciation. ‘Naturalist’s Corner’, by JLR’s naturalists, has been tailored to bridge this knowledge-gap most enthusiasts face, ensuring that your journey into nature is an ever-increasing learning curve.

Termite Hill Gecko

August 01, 2015

Life in urban areas, for that matter, anywhere, can never be boring if you so choose. Well, I am not referring to the innumerable choices for recreation that are available. […]

Crab Spiders

July 01, 2015

Bees are very active insects, as we all are aware. Be it while on their hive or when they are visiting a flower, they are abuzz with activity. However, on […]

Pond Skater

June 01, 2015

All of us, during our childhood, must have made paper boats and let it float on water. Unknowingly, we had accessed the physical properties of water to indulge in those […]


May 01, 2015

Kabini has always sprung surprises on me. Here is what happened on one of my routine visits.  It was mid-November and there was a distinct nip in the air. I […]

Fiddler Crabs

April 01, 2015

“Look at these crabs – they have a large pink pincer!” exclaimed one of my friends, with whom I was walking a path along the waterside vegetation on the coast. […]

Ceropegia – the Lantern flower

March 01, 2015

It was several years ago that I first chanced upon a flower which was hardly like any other flower. I was very curious to find out what it was and […]

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