A visit to nature is a healing experience for many. Pondering over nature’s creations under the guidance of a nature-interpreter can increase the experience manifold because it helps in better appreciation. ‘Naturalist’s Corner’, by JLR’s naturalists, has been tailored to bridge this knowledge-gap most enthusiasts face, ensuring that your journey into nature is an ever-increasing learning curve.

Preying Spiders

June 01, 2016

Monsoons breathe new life into the landscape; the dry landscape suddenly becomes a vibrant green. The countryside that was hitherto seemingly dull, dreary, dry and bereft of any life suddenly […]

The Spider Wasp Episode

April 15, 2016

When I sat down to photograph a spider wasp, little was I planning to sit rooted to the spot for over two hours, witnessing one of the most fascinating dramas […]

Silver Spiders: thieves of the spider world

March 15, 2016

A couple of my friends and I decided to drive to the outskirts of Bangalore and try our luck with photographing some wildlife; our primary focus was birds. However, it […]

Grey Musk Shrew

February 01, 2016

It is a little more than twenty years since I encountered a little animal in a quaint little hill-station in southern India. On that occasion, I had a very good […]

Ladybird Life-cycle

December 15, 2015

It was during one of my routine visits to Kabini that I casually walked up to a clump of golden bamboo and examined it. I was secretly hoping to be […]

Stinkhorn Mushroom

November 01, 2015

I was walking a trail in the midst of a beautiful moist deciduous forest in the Western Ghats during the monsoon, when I caught sight of something that completely mesmerised […]

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