With sustainability and ecological impact coming into focus, eco-travel and visits to natural areas is no longer a niche domain, but the choice of many families. Read first-person experiences, as writers who enjoy travelling or travellers who enjoy writing visit one of the many forests of Karnataka, to bring you ‘Guest Articles’.

Tracking Seasons in BR Hills

September 01, 2014

There are some places which one can never have enough of in just one trip, and every visit there manages to fascinate you as much as it had the first […]

Symphony in B Minor – Bidar

May 01, 2014

Indian cinema tells us that royalty is about opulence and grandeur, with flowers and pearls strewn on the paths of kings. There is always someone to fan the king, to […]

Windswept at Devbagh

March 18, 2014

I stand on the pier, watching smooth swirls of water from the Kali River melting into strong waves of the Arabian Sea. The waves mellow down and collect the swirls […]

Windy Rock, Mystic River

January 16, 2014

Kenneth Anderson wrote, around half a century ago, of camping in a “beautifully wooded spot” on the banks of the Cauvery, beneath “giant muthee, tamarind and jum-lum trees”. The lush […]

The Many Lives of Kabini River Lodge – II

December 16, 2013

Kabini River Lodge ‘We do not just want our guests to just come here, hop onto a safari, shoot a few photographs and go back,’ says Shivanand. He goes on […]

The Many Lives of Kabini River Lodge – I

November 15, 2013

It is often said that it is the people who define the place. And this doesn’t ring truer than at the Kabini River Lodge. A slice of jungle heaven set […]

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