With sustainability and ecological impact coming into focus, eco-travel and visits to natural areas is no longer a niche domain, but the choice of many families. Read first-person experiences, as writers who enjoy travelling or travellers who enjoy writing visit one of the many forests of Karnataka, to bring you ‘Guest Articles’.

The Monsoon and a Hundred Stories

September 01, 2015

 “Can you hear that, madam?” Basavanna, our naturalist, turned around in his front seat and whispered. I strained my ears, not unlike the spotted deer we had seen some time […]

Rooted in Nature: A Day at Bannerghatta

July 15, 2015

I’m rocking gently to and fro, toes barely grazing the ground. The breeze is ruffling through my hair and butterflies are nectaring on the yellow Copper Pod blossoms above me. […]

A Hampi Kaleidoscope

May 01, 2015

It is raining as the factories of Bellary rush past our train window. And as the train pulls into the little shanty town that is Hospet, it is hard to […]

Mangalore, Mist and Monsoon

March 15, 2015

I kept waking up, peering through the curtains to check if the morning had broken. The train had been chugging along all night, through winding tunnels in the Western Ghats. […]

The River Angle

February 01, 2015

One only needs to look for Cauvery Fishing Camp on the web and the name Bheemeshwari pops up at the top. The Bheemeshwari fishing camp has been an abode for […]

A River Runs Through It

December 01, 2014

Nanjaraja, the king of Nanjarayapatna, had many enemies. In a dream, he was told that his troubles would vanish if he built a temple in a day. The task seemed […]

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