Here is a unique opportunity to hear stories from the dirt tracks of the jungles: to smell the earth through people who have made forests a part of their lives. ‘From the Field’ showcases people like ecological historians, wildlife researchers, or forest department staff, and the challenges they face in their daily lives and professions. Learn from their insights on a broad spectrum of topics, gained through extensive studies and hands-on experiences.

The spotted felines of India’s silicon city

May 01, 2016

A few cities in the world host large wild mammals in their neighborhood. Of these, one of the most well known is the Nairobi National Park adjoining Nairobi, one of […]

Buy Me a River

March 15, 2016

“[Bangalore] is unsuitable for development as an industrial center on a large scale.” A 1923 conference to discuss the future of Bengaluru’s water supply was the canary in the coal […]

Watering a City

February 15, 2016

Bangalore, September 24, 2015: A residential community gets a message: “Regret to inform: No water supply tonight due to short supply from water vendor” Bangalore, September 25, 2015: “Water situation did not […]

The Spider-wasp Mother

January 15, 2016

Nature’s most thrilling encounters are reserved for when you are off-guard. I have had the fortune of realizing and acknowledging this on several occasions. One such event involved an insect, […]

Torrent Toads of the Western Ghats

January 01, 2016

It was a hot winter day in the forests of Kudremukh National Park and as I write this, I reminisce that day, exactly five years ago on the 30th of […]

When you are in Agumbe..

December 01, 2015

Winding roads after Shimoga, towards Theerthahalli, signal to you that a forest is closing in. The roads get curvier and the greenery increases fivefold as you get closer to the […]

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