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When I Grow up, I Want to Be a Tiger

July 01, 2017

Tigers don’t talk (well, at least not in ‘people’ language). Tigers don’t have names either. But then T-Cub is a very special tiger cub and he wants to tell you […]

So You Want to Know About the Environment

June 01, 2017

So You Want to Know About the Environment Bijal Vachharajani Illustrated by Sayan Mukherjee Ever wondered what it is like to live on a planet that’s a few degrees warmer, […]

A Naturalist’s Guide to the Mammals of India

March 01, 2017

A Naturalist’s Guide to the Mammals of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka By Bikram Grewal and Rohit Chakravarty This book is the latest addition to the popular, international […]

Early Bird

February 21, 2017

Early Bird is a not-for-profit initiative by Nature Conservation Foundation, which aims to develop and distribute a variety of educational material to introduce children to the wonderful world of birds. The first is a set of […]

Neralu: Bengaluru’s Tree Festival

February 09, 2017

Come February, Bengaluru’s trees burst into spectacular bloom. NERALU, a citizen-led tree festival, is being organised on 18th and 19th February 2017. Neralu, which means ‘shade’ in Kannada, is being […]

Three Years of JLR Explore

October 01, 2016

Three years ago, we nervously clicked on a button, making JLR Explore live. Four people shared a post on their Facebook walls, which said “We are live. Do stop by.” […]

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