The Moving Waters Film Festival (MWFF) explores oceans, and rivers that make our world a blue planet. This second edition is being hosted by the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, on the 14th and 15th of October, 2017. MWFF is dedicated to telling stories about rivers and oceans through visually appealing as well as hard-hitting documentaries, films and talks.

Oceans and Rivers

Oceans are the last frontier on our planet, constantly pushing us to explore greater depths or its farthest reaches. Some of them, frozen and impassable for centuries are suddenly being opened up by climate change and global warming. Rivers are viewed as nothing more than channels of water that need to be dammed and diverted for agriculture, and to quench the limitless thirst of towns and cities. Free-flowing water is considered as wasted water that needs to be “harnessed” and “utilized” to the last drop, without paying heed to the highly diverse ecosystems that it supports or millions of people dependent on rivers for livelihoods. We have carefully curated our selection of films to highlight many of these issues and stories and to bridge research, exploration, conservation and filmmaking in India.

2017 Edition

The 2nd annual edition of Moving Waters Film Festival covers varied subjects – from  highly diverse coral reefs, and marine noise pollution affecting whales and dolphins, to the near pristine Aghanashini River in the Western Ghats, its waters relatively untouched by dams and industries – encompassing the wonder of these fragile ecosystems. It is about people whose livelihoods depend on these waters, of cultures that have evolved alongside and about us, who depend on these ecosystems in more ways than we can comprehend. With this festival, we hope to start a conversation about aquatic issues in India and abroad. The films have been carefully curated to reflect themes of exploration and adventure, ecosystems, conservation issues and people who depend on these rivers and oceans.


We have key speakers, as well as introductions and Q&A sessions by some of the filmmakers themselves. Renowned marine acoustics expert Dr. Arnab Das, activist and conservationist Samad Kottur, writer and river activist Suprabha Seshan, conservation filmmaker Ashwini Kumar Bhat and marine experts Dr. Divya Karnad, Dr. Vardhan Patankar, Dr. Naveen Namboodiri, Dr. Manish Chandi and Dr. Dipani Sutaria will interact with the audience.

The 2016 edition was hosted by Goethe-Institut / Max-Mueller Bhavan in Bangalore in partnership with Nature in Focus, and Jungle Lodges and Resorts. Some of our other partners included The Candor International School and Suchitra Film Society.

With the second edition of this festival, we hope to bring more stories that take us closer to the rivers and oceans that make life possible on this planet.